4 tips for starting a Tinder conversation right

4 tips for starting a Tinder conversation right

In our last lesson, we showed you how the matching process on Tinder works. Now, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a few matches on Tinder. But what do you do once Tinder matches you with someone? Well, then it’s time to break the ice by having a conversation with them, by sending messages back and forth.

How to message on Tinder

To message someone on Tinder, you have to be matched with that person. First, launch the app and log in. Tap the speech bubble icon to see your match list, and then tap the person whom you want to chat with. Tap in the box labelled “Message”, write what you want to say, and then tap the Send button.

Sounds pretty easy, right? It is, but we’ll give you specific instructions that show you what everything looks like anyways.

Turn on your mobile device, launch the app, and log in (our How to Set Up Tinder tutorial shows you how).

You will now see a list of people whom you’ve successfully matched with. “New Matches” are people whom you’ve matched with on Tinder, but haven’t sent a message to – or received a message from – yet. “Messages” shows your matches who have received at least one message from you, or have sent at least one message to you. The last message sent by either of you will be displayed beside the match’s name.

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You can also tap inside the box labelled “Search Matches” and type in the name of a particular match to filter your match list as you type. This is handy if you have quite a few matches and don’t want to have to scroll through them all in order to find a particular one.

Once you’re inside the chat interface for a particular match, you can see a log of your interactions with that match. This includes the date that you were matched with this Tinder user, as well as the date and time of any messages that either of you has sent the other.

If you tap the heart icon beside a message that your match has sent you, it will show that you appreciate their comment.

To send a message yourself, tap the box labelled “Message” at the bottom of the screen. Then, use your device’s (virtual) keyboard to type in what you want to say to your match. Then tap the Send button.

You can also tap the GIF button and search your device for a picture to send to your match. Note that, as the name of the button implies, only pictures whose file names end in “.gif” will work.

1. If you really like one of your matches on Tinder, you have to tell them so!

Although being matched with someone on Tinder shows that each party is at least somewhat interested in the other, this doesn’t really mean much. Some users will simply “like” as many of their potential matches on Tinder as possible, just because they’re curious to see how many matches they can get. As a result, roughly half of all matches don’t lead to message exchanges. If you want to break that stereotype, don’t wait for a match whom you really like to send the first message. Take the initiative!

2. Learn what angles to play with your match by checking out their profile.

While it’s important to make the first move when it comes to messaging on Tinder, don’t go flying blind into a conversation, either. Have a look at your match’s profile information and photos, and make a note of things that you have in common. e kind of food as you do. e religion or political viewpoint. Maybe you share interest in one or more hobbies.

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